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Aggressive pf(4) configuration for SSH protection

If some unknown person came up to your house and started trying to open each window, jiggling each door handle, and punching in random codes on your garage-door opener, you could safely assume that they sought trouble and that you should stop them. Similarly, if some unknown computer on the internet started probing at ports on your server where you offer no services, it should set off alarm-bells and you should prevent this miscreant from interacting with your server. Especially SSH access. You know what services your machine provides. If anybody attempts to connect to some other service on your machine, in all likelihood they don't have your best interests in mind.

In this post, we configure pf on OpenBSD to catch inappropriate connection-attempts and block the offender.

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How I use remind(1)


The remind calendar utility offers an amazing degree of power for doing calendar-related scheduling unmatched by any other calendar program I've used. If you haven't encountered it before, this presentation (PDF) gives a good overview of some of the features, as do Linux Journal and 43 Folders. In this post, I'll walk through how I use both the basic and advanced features.

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