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CLI Tricks: reboot/shutdown mollyguard function

Over on Twitter I was having a discussion about creating a mollyguard to protect yourself from accidentally rebooting the wrong machine by requiring you to type the hostname of the machine you wanted to reboot. If you need such, you can add these functions to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile to create such a reboot function. Note: The function shown on Twitter had the logic reversed so make sure you get the "=" and "!=" correct. If $1 equals the hostname, you want to proceed with the shutdown; if they are not equal you want a warning.

reboot() { [ "x$1" = "x$(hostname)" ] && sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now || echo "Failed to specify $(hostname)" ; }
halt() { [ "x$1" = "x$(hostname)" ] && sudo /sbin/shutdown -p now || echo "Failed to specify $(hostname)" ; }

If you run on OpenBSD you can specify doas instead of sudo.